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Where Can I Buy Large Concrete Pavers?

large concrete pavers design

Many hardscape projects start with the right choice of pavers. And on that field, concrete pavers have been dominating the market for decades due to their reliability and versatility. But lets you want to take it up a notch and include oversized pavers in your design, where can you buy large concrete pavers, and why should you even consider doing so?

The use of large pavers is growing in recent interior and exterior design trends, and for good reason. They are not only aesthetically appealing, but there are also a lot of benefits when it comes to maintenance and the longevity of the installation as a whole.

In this article, we are going to give you all the tips on where and how to buy those large concrete pavers. We also will expand on the occasions in which the use of large pavers should be considered and all the benefits that may come with it.

Where to Buy Large Concrete Pavers?

Well, it all comes down to your supplier and personal taste. Eagle Pavers proudly distributes large concrete pavers from Belgard in Florida. Check out our catalog.

Most paver options come in several sizes. They can start at a small 6″x12″ and go as high as the big 36″x36″ square, maybe even more. It really depends on what options your supplier will have at their disposal and, of course, your personal taste.

The following image presents some of the most common sizes in which pavers can appear.

Where Can I Buy Large Concrete Pavers: table of sizes

Maybe the particular model you’re looking for is not as large as you want. The opposite may happen as well, where you find the perfect size, but the model is not quite what you’re after.

So there’s always a choice involved, and maybe a little research involved before finding the perfect large concrete paver for your project.

But large pavers are not hard to find. Most competent suppliers have it in their stock or, most commonly, have a catalog where you can choose from to get some on short notice.

Most commonly because the largest paver options take quite a space to be stored. That may put at risk the quality of the pavers, so most suppliers choose to stock short amounts if there’s not much space.

It’s all up to you to get in touch with suppliers you trust and find the perfect combination of size and model you’re looking for.

Advantages of Using Large Pavers

There are several benefits involved when working with large pavers. The first of those benefits is, without a doubt, the aesthetic appeal.

It opens up a lot of possibilities for design and innovation. You can use larger grout lines and complement the negative space with grass or gravel and give depth to the installation.

Larger pavers also give small areas a sense of spaciousness. The right combination of pavers can create a really unique look for your project.

Another advantage of large concrete pavers is the easiness of maintenance. With bigger pavers, you also have fewer grout lines, which means less space for weeds and mold to grow.

The installation is done essentially the same as a regular paver would. But it ends up being way more stable and resistant, due to the sheer size of the pavers alone.

And finally, the cost-benefit. The trend of large pavers actually started with natural stone. However, natural stone is way more expensive than concrete.

Concrete pavers are much more accessible, and some models simulate the look and feel of natural stone practically perfectly.

Maintenance of Large Pavers

Maintenance, as we mentioned before, is easier with large pavers, but also very much important.

An ambient with large pavers requires them to be pristine at all times, so you want to plan a regular cleaning schedule, as well as a few precautions beforehand.

First, the sealing. Sealing your pavers is extremely important, there’s no way around it. The sealer is the first defense against spills and other materials that would form stains.

Second, if your installation is exterior, watch out for furniture that can rust. Rust can easily stain concrete pavers if left unchecked, so keep an eye for it and clean it immediately.

Now, for a suggested cleaning schedule.

Actually, there’s no secret to it. We simply recommend you to swipe the pavers every day, getting rid of any leaves and other biological materials that can form tannin stains.

Using a mild and non-acidic cleaning solution, you can mop your pavers once a week, or whenever they are particularly dirty.

Spills should be cleaned immediately. As much as the sealer prevents spills from seeping into the pavers, some substances, like oil, mildew, and acidic solutions, can all get through eventually and stain your pavers.

Aside from this regular schedule, you should deeply wash your paver once every three months using one of the many specialized concrete cleaning solutions available in the market.

Following this simple guide will ensure your installation lasts for years to come.

design using negative space with large concrete pavers

Large Concrete Pavers: Professional Supply and Installation

Large pavers are not hard to find. Most suppliers can offer you different options of sizes and designs. You only to need to have the patience to find exactly what you’re looking for, both in size and style.

Large concrete pavers are a worthy investment. They are more affordable, compared to natural stone options, without sacrificing the longevity and resistance that any good paver installation requires.

If you’re interested in adding large pavers to your project, get in touch with a reliable supplier and start your search.

And if you happen to be around the Sarasota and Manatee Counties, in FL, why not get in touch with us here at Eagle Pavers?

For more than 10 years, we have been providing the region with only the best when it comes to the supply of pavers and natural stone products.

Give us a call anytime at +1 941-210-4192 or email us at sales@eaglepavers.us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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