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What is the Weight of a Pallet of Pavers?

Price of a pallet of pavers

Knowing how many pavers you need before starting a new project is the first step to success. With the right values and costs, you can make the most out of your budget and have yourself a beautiful patio or driveway in a matter of days. There is one thing to consider, though – and that is the weight of a pallet of pavers.

You see, when it comes to transportation and storage, pavers can be particularly delicate, so it’s best to have every detail planned out beforehand. In this article, we’ll go over some general numbers to give you an idea of what to expect.

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So, what is the weight of a pallet of pavers?

First of all, it is heavy. As you can see in this article – where we talk about square feet in detail – a pallet of pavers has a single purpose: to provide you with the average number of units your project needs to be completed.

Although a pallet generally covers about 56 square feet, the number of single pieces varies depending on local demand and the type of material you’re choosing. But of course, that is no small number – and leftovers are a common thing for homeowners. Check out some examples below:

Paver SizeSquare Feet Per PalletPieces Per Pallet
6″ x 6″72 ft2288 pieces
6″ x 9″82.5 ft2220 pieces
12″ x 12″56 ft256 pieces

In short, we can use commercial parameters as a base, but the truth is that pavers are sold in different formats and thicknesses, which can all influence the total weight.

Concrete units that are 1 inch thick, for instance, weigh about 11 pounds per square foot, while 2-inch paver units weigh about twice that. Brick pavers, on the other hand, in their standard 2 ¼ inch size, start at 22 pounds per square foot easily.

Do you see how one is directly tied to the other? In this case, that would make the average shipping pallet in the United States (48” x 40”) weigh, at most, 4,800 pounds. Keep in mind that is also its physical capabilities for safe transportation, since any material stacked beyond 72” in height can be harmful to pavers.

How do I find out the exact weight?

If you wish to find out how much your individual paver unit weighs (therefore calculating the whole package), you just need to calculate their area in square feet and multiply by the per-square-foot average.

Follow the steps below:

  • multiply the length by the width;
  • divide the number of square inches in the paver by the number in a square foot;
  • multiply this number by the average square foot;
  • multiply the individual value by how many units your pallet has; speak to your provider for further information.

Speaking about providers, you can see how tricky this whole thing can become. The final weight of a pallet of pavers takes into account several factors that, in the end, can be better left in the hands of professionals. In this kind of project, any miscalculations can compromise your desired outcome – so don’t hesitate to get some help.

What is the Weight of a Pallet of Pavers?
Pallet of street brick pavers.

How does weight impact installation?

To finish this line of thought, it’s important to mention again the role that good planning plays in everything.

Starting with transportation and shipping costs, knowing how heavy your product is can help you decide on the best vehicle to use, and so on. There are also labor costs – or, if you prefer, you’ll have to find strong people to help you with this task.

After loading everything to the site, it’ll be time for installation, which also depends on the right soil preparation and weight support. We don’t want our floor getting sunk by heavy, improperly-installed pavers, do we?

And in the case of leftovers, you must then find somewhere safe to store your pavers, like a clean woodshed or garage. By the way, always avoid humid, dark enclosed spaces – because small spots such as these will attract mold, bugs, and weeds, apart from potentially cracking your pavers away. Stack them with care, and you won’t have to worry about buying new replacements over the years.

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