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What Is the Best Saw for Cutting Pavers?

What is the best saw for cutting pavers?

If you’re planning on doing a paving project, it’s essential to have the right tools – and one of the most important resources you’ll need is a saw for cutting pavers. With the right tool, you can easily cut your stones to fit any shape or size, which is especially important for irregular-shaped units. But what is the best saw for cutting pavers?

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the best saw for cutting pavers, how to cut individual units by yourself, and discuss whether or not you should consider getting professional help for this task.

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What is the best saw for cutting pavers?

There are several types of saws that you can use for cutting pavers, but the best one is a wet saw. Wet saws use water to cool the blade, which helps prevent it from overheating and becoming damaged. They’re also capable of making precision cuts, which is important for cutting pavers to fit specific shapes and sizes.

When it comes to choosing a wet saw for cutting pavers, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure the saw has a diamond blade – which is explicitly designed for cutting hard materials like pavers and concrete. You’ll also want to make sure the saw has a powerful motor, as this will help ensure that it can handle the tough job of cutting through pavers.

A professional MK Diamond MK-212-6.

One wet saw that we highly recommend for cutting pavers is the MK Diamond MK-212-6. This saw has a 2-horsepower motor, which makes it capable of cutting through even the toughest hardscaping materials. It also has a large cutting capacity, which means you can cut pavers up to 3 inches thick, in case you’re willing to spend that much effort.

DIY guide: How to cut pavers with a saw

And speaking of effort, now that you know what saw you’ll get, it’s time to ponder if you’re down for this job – considering all its logistics and planning. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, doing this without help from experts might still be challenging and economically unviable, so make sure to follow our tips below to avoid any unnecessary waste.

That said, you can either rent an MK-212-6 at your nearest hardware store or buy it online. Once you have everything in place, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cut pavers with a saw:

  1. Put on safety gear: Before you start cutting, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear. This includes safety glasses, earplugs, and a dust mask;
  2. Mark the paver: Use a pencil or chalk to mark the paver where you want to make your cut;
  3. Set up the saw: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up your saw – make sure the water supply is connected, and the blade is properly aligned;
  4. Turn on the saw: Turn on the saw and let it run for a few seconds before you start cutting;
  5. Make the cut: Slowly lower the blade onto the paver, using a gentle back-and-forth motion to cut its surface, always keeping the blade aligned with your mark;
  6. Repeat: If you need to make more than one cut, repeat steps 2-5.

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Why get professional help?

How to cut pavers?

As we said, while cutting pavers with a saw may seem like a simple task, it’s actually quite challenging. If you don’t have experience handling a saw or a similar power tool, you may end up damaging your products or injuring yourself. That’s why it’s often a good idea to hire a professional to do the job for you – just like any other complex planning in the hardscaping business, which takes workmanship into account.

Professional paver installers, in this sense, do have the experience and equipment necessary to make precise cuts and ensure that your paving project looks great, making the most out of your precious budget. They also have access to high-quality materials and can offer advice on which pavers to use for your project, for instance, saving you time on life decisions.

Get help from Eagle Stones in Sarasota, Florida!

A wet saw is an essential tool to mold any paving project to your liking – and an MK-212-6 is the best saw for cutting pavers out there. Nevertheless, handling pavers can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, so it’s essential to plan your routine carefully to minimize the number of pavers you need to cut. To avoid the need for complex cuts, make sure to use accurate measurements and plan the layout of your walkway or patio beforehand – because this will save you time, effort, and materials.

If you’re still uncertain about the whole process, though, there’s an even better solution: you can rely on the help of actual hardscape pros, who know what they’re talking about!

You see, if you’re planning a paver project and live in Florida, why not reach out to Eagle Pavers for a free quote? As a branch of Eagle Stones, our team of experts can help you plan your project, select the right materials, and provide professional installation services with the best tools available. Contact us today to learn more!

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