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How to Brighten Brick Pavers: Quick Guide

Brick pavers are extremely popular. Their durability and old-school looks are some of the best features a homeowner might wish for. However, just like any kind of paver – or stone, for that matter – brick tends to fade away and become opaque. In a way, that’s natural, but most people value the aspect of shininess above all. So is there any way to brighten brick pavers after they’re already “old”?

Yes, definitely. Keep reading to find out how to brighten your pavers the ideal way. Or, in case you’re not familiar with paver maintenance, this guide can help you.

How do I brighten my pavers?

Whether you sealed your pavers upon installation or not, knowing how to restore their original color will increase the longevity of your whole floor. Sealing, however, has everything to do with preserving it long-term, so we recommend you take care of that after the next steps.

Let’s get straight to it:

  • Get a hose and a long-handled brush, or anything you find useful for cleaning.
  • Apply a brick paver cleaner and use water pressure to remove dirt and other contaminants such as grime and mildew.
  • If there is mold or algae in between the joints, use an oxygen-bleach solution to remove them.
  • After that, clean up the pavers and rinse well.
  • You’ll have to let them dry completely for at least two days, so be careful not to step on them so much. We suggest you do this on a weekend, when there might be less movement about.
  • Once done, it’s time to check if the pavers are leveled out. If not, click here for a quick guide on how to fix this problem.
  • Then, apply a sealing solution onto your floor. This will give you the ultimate result: an enhanced look and restored color.

Tips on sealing

paver sealer being applied with paint roll

We’ve mentioned before: the only practical way to prevent your pavers from losing color is by applying a sealer. That gives the material the glossy, wet-looking feel everyone loves to see. There are many types of sealing products out there, so make sure to get the right one when doing this job.

Keep in mind that this process may cost a little – but it’s worth it. There will be a yearly gap between each maintenance, though, so it’s not a permanent thing. Getting professional help is always a good idea, especially for beginners who don’t have the necessary tools to do so. Some benefits of sealing include:

  • brightness, as if your pavers have just been installed.
  • protection, avoiding the little weeds in your patio or driveway.
  • easier cleaning and resistance against stains.

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