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How Much Do Porcelain Pavers Cost?

Porcelain pavers

Porcelain pavers are growing in popularity in recent years. The incredible resistance and easy maintenance of the material are attracting more homeowners to it each and every day. Porcelain is a good choice whether you’re working with indoor or outdoor design. So exactly how much do porcelain pavers cost and are they right for your project?

When talking about price, it is important to keep in mind that cost is, sometimes, relative. Many people would consider porcelain to be more expensive than your most sober choices for hardscape material. But it all depends on how you look at costs and what materials exactly are you comparing in the process.

Porcelain pavers

How Much Do Porcelain Pavers Cost? Long Term vs Short Term

Before continuing, ask yourself the following question: Am I the type of person who thinks of long-term investment or is only worried about the upfront cost of things?

The answer to that question will determine if you think porcelain pavers are worth it or not. Porcelain pavers are more expensive up front, but they are proving to be an excellent investment in the long run.

This is mainly due to the incredible resistance of the material. Porcelain is virtually indestructible, and for that reason, it is used even in industrial sites and heavy traffic flooring. It is true, you will be paying more for that indestructibility right away, but the porcelain paver will pay itself in how much trouble they can save you in the future.

The versatility and aesthetic appeal of porcelain pavers are also a big factor in their price. They can simulate natural stone almost to perfection and the sophistication they can bring to an ambiance is unmatched.

Comparing Porcelain to Other Materials

Talk about what is cheaper or more expensive is meaningless if we don’t have things to compare. So what are the most common options of materials in the market and where do porcelain pavers fit?

Concrete pavers are amongst the most reliable and common types of pavers out there. People have been using it for years with excellent results and they are always a good starting point when comparing prices of other types of pavers. The cheapest concrete pavers you can find will cost you anywhere from $2 to $5 per sq/ft, with some more expensive options topping up to $10 per sq/ft.

Bricks are also a popular choice in the paving business. They can greatly vary in price, from $5 to $15 per sq/ft, depending on what kind of brick you end up choosing.

Some forms of natural stone also enter the competition. Natural stone is an elegant and very fitting choice for almost any hardscape project. They are the most expensive option, with prices ranging from $10 to $30 per sq/ft. The rarer the stone, the most expensive it will be.

And what about the porcelain? Well, porcelain pavers range between $7 and $10 per sq/ft. But let’s expand on that a little.

Your most common type of porcelain paver will be the ¾” thick category. Those pavers, depending on type and size, will stay around the aforementioned price range. The bigger the size, the higher the price. In addition, you can acquire the 1 1/8” thick porcelain paver that is starting to become available. These are more indicated to heavy-duty, and their price shows, reaching up to $20 per sq/ft.

Concrete Pavers Brick Pavers Natural Stone Pavers Porcelain Pavers
Low End$2$5$10$7
Top End$10$15$30$20

Maitenance Costs: Where Porcelain Pavers Shine

As you could see, porcelain pavers are the second most expensive option, only losing to natural stone. So why it is still considered to be a good alternative and how can it stay competitive?

The answer is simple: maintenance costs.

While the other options, even the cheapest ones, require an increasing amount of time and money invested in maintenance as time goes by, porcelain pavers do not suffer the same fate.

For starters, porcelain pavers don’t need to be sealed while all other options do.

Second, their resistance makes it way less probable that you have to replace them due to an accident. This can also be said to some of the other options that are equally resistant, but porcelain has a head start on that aspect.

Also, porcelain isn’t porous, so spills won’t stain it as much as they could do the other options. In fact, the cleaning of porcelain pavers is extremely easy. Regular cleaning is already good enough and one thorough one once every year is more than enough to maintain the porcelain looking good.

Porcelain can last for years on end while preserving its initial beauty and without maintenance headaches. That’s why, even though it is technically the second most expensive option upfront, it is considered to be the best possible investment in the long run.

Porcelain pavers

Professional Help and Installation

It is true that porcelain pavers are more expensive than concrete or brick pavers, but they are well worth the investment. You won’t spend much more than $7 and $10 per sq/ft on ¾” thick pavers and can even go for the 1 1/8” thick option if you’re willing to spend $20 per sq/ft.

For all its benefits, porcelain pavers have one big downside: the installation process. It can be harder to install porcelain pavers due to their heavy weight. It is highly recommended that you hire professionals when thinking about acquiring porcelain pavers, and the installation process can add a bit more to the final price.

If you happen to be around Sarasota, in FL, we at Eagle Pavers are help to provide you the best selection of materials and all the help you could need for the installation of pavers. If you have any questions about the cost of porcelain pavers or anything paver-related, you can reach us at +1 941-210-4192 or through our email at sales@eaglepaver.us.

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