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How Many Square Feet are in a Pallet of Belgard Pavers?

Pallet of belgard pavers

Hardscape projects take planning. The more time you invest on the drawing board, the higher your chances of success. When working with pavers, knowing how many come in a pallet is a crucial step in this planning phase. For this article, we are going to focus on how many square feet are in a pallet of Belgard pavers.

The reason for that is because Belgard products are one of the top sellers across the US. Their products are always reliable and always on peak of quality and technology. For that reason, their products are a good starting point to have an idea of how many pavers come in a pallet and how to calculate how many pavers you need.

How Many Square Feet in a Pallet of Pavers?

The quantity of pavers that come in a pallet will always depend on exactly what model of pavers we’re talking about.

Pavers come in different sizes, always measured in three dimensions. The thickness (height) of pavers don’t matter for the purposes of the calculation of square feet, so the only measures you need are the sides of the pavers. Each model of paver will have a different measure, and cover a different area.

Example of Paver Dimensions
Example of Paver Dimensions

So, an all-purpose calculation formula you can use is to know the measure of your paver of choice and multiply by how many pavers come in a pallet.

But when it comes to how many square feet are in a pallet of Belgard pavers, we neatly arranged that information for you on a table, according to what models of pavers Belgard has to offer.

Paver ModelSquare Feet per Pallet
Bergerac – 3 Piece114
Bergerac – Large Square89
Cambridge Cobble – 2 Piece120
Cambridge Cobble – Square120
Cambridge Cobble – Rectangle112
Cambridge Cobble – LG Rectangle120
Cambridge Cobble – Circle Kit78,5
Cambridge Cobble – Overlay Paver120
Catalina Stone – 1 Piece Rectangle112
Catalina Stone – 1 Piece Large120
Catalina Stone – 2 Piece120
Catalina Stone – Overlay 2 Piece120
Dublin Cobble – 3 Piece Modular114
Dublin Cobble – Large Square106
Dublin cobble – Circle84
Holland Stone – 60mm104
Holland Stone – 80mm96
Lafitt – Grana Slab 3 Piece163,2
Laffit – Rustic Slab 3 Piece163,2
Mega Arbel – Patio Slab104,4
Mega Arbel – 80mm78,3
Mega Bergerac – 3 Piece88
Mega Bergerac – Large Square68
Mega Bergerac – Circle Kit91
Mega Lafitt – 3 Piece Modular92,7
Mega Lafitt – Large Square93
Old World Paver – 3 Piece Modular90,3
Urbana Stone – 3 Piece Modular114,2
Urbana Stone – Large Square116,25
Aqua Roc II90

How Many Pavers on a Project?

Once more, planning is everything in hardscape. Knowing exactly how much of a certain material you’re going to need is the key to not spend more than you have to. On the other hand, you don’t want to risk buying too little and end up missing material.

With pavers, this is even more important. The last thing you want is to end up missing pavers to complete your installation, but you also don’t want to end up with unused pavers.

So measuring the area of your paver project is the first step you need to take. With that measurement in hands, you have a clearer idea of how many pavers you’re going to need.

After that, it is only a matter of finding your paver of choice. Most suppliers will have the information of how many square feet a pallet covers beforehand. But, in case they don’t, you can easily make the calculation by dividing the total area of your project by the area of the paver model. The resulting number is how many pavers you’re going to need for your project.

Help From an Authorized Supplier

The rule of thumb to not make mistakes when acquiring pavers is to ask for the help of a professional supplier. They can answer that and many other questions you might have related to paver installation and maintenance.

As for Belgard pavers, make sure to work with an authorized supplier. The best pavers in the market are only as good as the people helping with them.

We here at Eagle Pavers are authorized Belgard suppliers. For over 14 years we have been providing the Sarasota & Manatee counties with only the best quality pavers. Belgard pavers are among them, with an extremely high satisfaction rate from our customers.

Give us a call anytime at +1 941-210-4192 or email us at sales@eaglepavers.us. We’ll be happy to hear from you and help you any paver need you might have.

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