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Cobblestone Patio: Inspiring Ideas and More

Cobblestone patio in the shade.

Forget porcelain and concrete pavers – if you’re looking for an old-school, almost fantastical-ish curb appeal, a cobblestone patio is your best choice. Given the vast availability of options for purchase, these peculiar sets of pavers are usually looked down upon and heavily underestimated. However, many don’t realize how versatile this material can be – nor how much property value it aggregates in the long run.

In this article, we’ll go over some benefits of installing a cobblestone patio in your home, as well as give you some nice project ideas for enlightenment.

What is a cobblestone patio?

Cobblestone is, in a nutshell, the closest product we have to medieval times. Its old-world charm dates back to the Romans, who used this stone to pave their walkways and driveways. As we now know, the trend spread across the globe, hence the abysmal number of cobblestone streets in Europe and the Americas (especially in small towns and down-to-earth villages).

In contrast to brick and concrete – two other common pavers in the hardscape industry – cobblestone is a natural building material with a simple fabrication process. It is made from highly durable stones such as granite and basalt, which are usually dug from nearby areas and roughly shaped into smaller, circular and uneven sizes.

The term cobble, in this sense, refers to the expected size of 2 ½ inches to 10 inches. The color palette of this paver ranges from ordinary gray to opaque black and, in rare cases, even purple, depending on its origin.

Benefits of cobblestone pavers

Cobblestone pavers, although not as popular as the others nowadays, share many qualities with their cousins, as you’ll see below. In the end, personal preference takes a huge part in the decision-making – but we’re here to present a new perspective on cobblestone.

The main benefits of a cobblestone patio include:

  • aesthetically pleasing, making for a magnificent appearance;
  • comfortable texture to the touch, even barefoot;
  • versatility, matching almost any kind of architectural style;
  • durability of natural stones in regards to weather, traffic and weight;
  • low maintenance, with optional sealing and easy replacement;
  • straightforward installation;
  • simple cleaning routine.

Inspiring ideas for a cobblestone patio

Now that you’ve seen how great cobblestone is as a material, it’s time to see how beautiful it is as a patio. Check out these amazing projects:

Cozy outside area in the winter
Darker cobblestone in a ramp
A backdoor pathway
Organic driveway in harmony with nature
The rare, purple-ish cobblestones

Cobblestone pavers X concrete pavers

As great as cobblestone is, concrete remains as the best-selling paver material worldwide, behind maybe porcelain. All in all, they share many similarities, including the best cost-benefit anybody could ask for.

On the other hand, concrete is known for its cheaper deals, given that it’s a common hardscape element in all fronts. Since it is a man-made product, the freedom in design choices is more extensive, as well, allowing for creative patios that cobblestone pavers may limit.

Due to that, concrete pavers can be found anywhere – even in your nearest stone provider, like us!

Get an unlimited supply with Eagle Pavers

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Also, in case you’re planning your dream project and don’t know where to start, read our guide on how to calculate square feet for pavers here. With our professional tips, you can have a nice cobblestone patio in a flash.

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