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The Best Belgard Patio Ideas

Belgard Patio Ideas

Belgard is a trustworthy paver brand for any hardscape project you might have in mind. Sold all across the country, these paving stones find their way into people’s houses in several forms – serving as the foundation for beautiful driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and of course, patios. But how can one choose the ideal paver among many available options and styles? Well, the best Belgard patio ideas are not hard to find.

And today, in this article, we’ll show you some of them for reference and inspiration. If you’d rather know everything about Belgard products, please read our definitive guide by clicking here.

What is Belgard?

Belgard is a part of the Oldcastle Architectural Products Group, one of the largest concrete product manufacturers in the US. That explains its heavy popularity for the last couple of decades.

Although the company itself sells a variety of masonry products, pavers are the main focus and what they’re generally known for – that’s why you’re here. With an astounding catalog that serves as the standard for landscape design, more than 20,000 hours are spent on research every year to ensure their influence on the market.

That said, Belgard pavers are divided into three main lines: concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, and permeable pavers.

Concrete pavers are a staple in most hardscape designs and Belgard provides high-quality alternatives that can fit virtually any project. These cost between $6 – $7 per square foot.

Porcelain pavers are proving to be a growing trend in recent years. Their higher price and harder installation process are proving to be compensated by their incredible durability and easy maintenance. These cost between $10 – $15 per square foot.

Permeable pavers are a marvel of technology – because they are designed to simulate the way natural land absorbs water, redirecting rain back to earth and taking a load off storm drains. The most intricate versions of the system can even be designed to harvest and recycle rainwater. These cost between $7 – $10 per square foot.

Belgard patio ideas

As such, you may imagine that your options are endless – and you would be quite right. When speaking about patios, professionals take many things into account, which are then expressed to the homeowner and adapted to their desires.

Check out some gorgeous Belgard patio ideas below:

Turfstone™ Paver System – permeable pavers allows rainwater to be filtered back into the soil.
Lemmy™ Paver – a darker, bigger variation of traditional porcelain, great for outdoor use.
The Weston Stone™ kit is designed for fire pits, which is a nice addition to any backyard.
Interlocking concrete pavers make for a flowing, dynamic visual.
Belgard Dimensions™ achieve a consistent beauty for office buildings and meeting areas.

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Where to buy Belgard pavers?

So, now that you have pictured your next project a little better, you might want to know the best place to acquire these products next.

Officially, you can buy Belgard pavers where authorized contractors are found – which you can search for on their website page. If you live nearby said locations, you can call for quotes and available paver options in the area.

Since their factories are spread across 13 locations in the US and Canada, the company has a very big distribution network to bring your Belgard patio ideas to fruition. And of course, that includes us!

Eagle Pavers is an authorized contractor!

At the end of the day, Belgard is one of the oldest and most reliable paver manufacturers on the market. For 25 years, with the help of authorized dealers and contractors, they have been serving the US with top-quality hardscape materials.

We’re glad to say that Eagle Pavers is one of their proud authorized contractors. As a branch of Eagle Stones, our products have a high satisfaction rate from our customer base and have allowed us to offer high-end services around the Sarasota and Manatee Counties during our 10+ years of activity.

Therefore, if you’re in the area, give us a call right now at +1 941-210-4192 or email us at sales@eaglepavers.us. We would be happy to help you with any paver supply need you might have.

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